The following permissions are in relation to Youtube and streaming.
This license is not in relation to the use of my music in games, TV, media etc. For that please contact me at

Music MUST be purchased legally for you to play during your stream (this does not include streaming via Spotify).
The best way to get my music is as the One With Everything compilation - when I release new original music, I add it to this compilation free of charge.

You must credit me as Binster / .mpegasus (depending on the artist name attached to the music you are using)
and provide a link to purchase (preferably
as well as links to my Twitter (Binster / .mpegasus) and/or Facebook pages. (Binster / .mpegasus)

If accompanying a Youtube video, please include a “now playing” credit (song name, album, artist), along with a link to buy, whenever possible.
Also, please send me a heads up about your channel - I'm always happy to know when my music is appreciated.

This license does not give you permission to do the following:

You cannot claim my music as your own.
You cannot use my music in any livestreaming event outside of without my expressed permission.
You cannot sell my music.

Many thanks! Stream well!

Binster / .mpegasus